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It’s normal to feel sad from time to time. Depression is a chronic state lasting 2 weeks or longer that some describe as sad but has also been describe as feeling “numb” or even anxious. When we try to avoid painful feelings long enough, we can often end up with a feeling of depression that may not feel tied to any one thing in particular. Therapy can help you explore the sources of your depression and find healing. 



Within certain levels, anxiety is also a normal part of life. It can help us stay on top of our tasks and even avoid situations that could be harmful for us. However, sometimes anxiety can become imbalanced and instead of helping us stay on top of things, it ends up paralyzing us! Therapy can help you learn what your anxiety is trying to tell you, learn ways to soothe your anxiety, and take the right action to reduce anxiety overall.

Relationships and Attachment

Do you struggle to make and maintain satisfying relationships? Do you feel like, despite your best efforts, you end up pushing people away? Do you have a difficult time trusting others? Do you wish you were closer to people? These questions all relate to issues of attachment. Each person develops a style of relating to others based on their early attachment relationships with their caregivers. Therapy can help you explore your own style and try on new ways of relating.


Traumas are scary or troubling experiences that feel out of our control. Most people have experienced some form of trauma. Some people have experienced discrete traumatic events that were intensely frightening, such as an assault or an accident. Others have experienced more pervasive traumatic events such as an abusive or manipulative relationship. When we experience traumas our bodies and minds can react to our trauma in various ways, including having nightmares of the trauma, feelings intense anxiety when reminded of the trauma, and trying to avoid any thoughts of the trauma. Traumas have more power when we are unable to face them. Therapy can help you heal from trauma by allowing you the opportunity to face your trauma without feeling overwhelmed by it. 

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