Relationally Focused

The vast majority of concerns that bring people to therapy have to do with relationships. Who you are today has been formed by past relationships and continues to be formed and revised in present ones. This is something psychotherapists have known for a while and has now been confirmed by neuroscience. In your therapy, we will explore your past and present relationships and how they have shaped you. We will also focus on changing those patterns, practicing in our relationship and transferring that learning to your most important relationships.

Lasting Change

If you‘re like most, I bet you’ve had these concerns for a while. You’ve tried many things but nothing seems to help. Or if something does help, the change just doesn’t last. This is often the case with solutions that address only the external concern, problem, or symptom and leave what’s underneath unadressed. What’s left unaddressed has a way of continuing to pop up. Together we can break this cycle by addressing underlying patterns in addition to your immediate concerns.

Personalized Care

You are a unique individual, and you deserve a therapy that is uniquely tailored to you. It is my job to tailor a therapy to who you are, including your personality, values, and concerns. This means that I will be very curious about what makes you you so that I can be of the most help to you. I will also be very interested in what's already going well rather than on just your "problems," because taking this approach allows us to build on the strength and resiliency you already have.

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