I am so glad you’re here and that you’ve decided to take this step in looking for a therapist.  Modern neuroscience teaches us that emotional harm actually re-wires our brains, and that a safe and caring relationship is the vehicle to its repair. This is why I focus my efforts on creating a trusting relationship with my clients, centered around honesty, deep curiosity and listening with compassion and understanding.

Lasting Healing Through a Safe and Supportive Relationship

I believe that a therapy relationship is both a source of information and an avenue for change creation. The relationship that we develop will be unique and will become a place for you to try on new ways of relating to others and have new relational experiences. While many different types of therapy can be helpful, lasting change and healing is accomplished by the power of relationship. I’d be thrilled to walk with you on your unique journey to your goals.


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Meet Jennifer Newbloom

I help people get to the heart of what’s troubling them by exploring how they have been formed by their relationships with others. Maybe you’ve been thinking about therapy for a while, but you’ve been hesitant to give it a try. You know you have things in your past you’d like to explore, but you’re worried you might feel worse if you “bring it all up again” in therapy. That feeling you have inside of you is trying to tell you something, and the longer you ignore it, the louder it will get. Therapy is a safe place to allow that voice to be heard so that you can heal and live your best life. I started my own practice in 2017 because I believe in the power of therapy to heal the wounds in our past.

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